Here are my thoughts on “Success” and “Karma”

What is “Success”? What is “Karma”? What is the relationship, if any, between the two? Do you think ALL Billionaires and Millionaires, and people who make at least $200,000.00 per year (or more) are ALL “Happy-Go-Lucky” and are Good Karma people? If you are the richest mouther-fraccker on the planet and you are a Bad Karma person, would you truly be “Successful”?

Success doesn’t mean wealth. Success is based on that individual’s true perception and acceptance of their “Station in Life”. Their happiness, their love, their peace of mind, their acceptance of others…….is their Karma, in this case, Good Karma. Yes, just a small percentage of those at the top of the financial heap are Good Karma people.

In spite of their egotistical display of their wealth disguised as generosity, the Bad Karma Assholes are either publicly known for their lifestyle of really bad shit, or in most cases, known apparently for their public persona of pretend happiness and “nar·cis·sis·tic” generosity, which in this case, a small percentage of us can tell that underneath the staged happiness, they are still vicious/malicious/malodorous mother-fuckers, i.e., Bad Karma people.

A vast majority of those extremely successful people, those Insanely Monstrous Mudder-Fuchsia’s would poison their own grand-mother to get at her wealth quicker. Those people whose wickedness is right out there in the open too, exposing the true nastiness of Bad Karma, versus the minority of those financially successful people that are Good Karma people through to their bones.

Back to True Success. As I said “Success” is not measured in terms of wealth. I have known people that had very little in terms of financial wealth, but they were Good Karma people that were happy with their “Station in Life”, which equals “True Success” in my book. They were Good Karma people in spite of their lack of wealth because wealth has nothing to do with our perception of “Success”.

You can point at someone and say, “That’s a tough life that dude is living” and you think he lacks success in his life, when in fact, just the opposite, that person IS successful in my opinion, because of his Good Karma. Is he successful you ask? Knowing that he is a Good Karma person, go ask him if he truly is happy with his “Station in Life”. If he is, then he is “Successful”.

In finishing this thought tonight. You can’t be both types of Karma at the same time, or have 80% Good Karma with 20% Bad Karma thrown in, or the opposite or some other ratio. You’re either 100% Good Karma or 100% Bad Karma. No in-between. Are you born that way? Were you raised that way? Who knows? Generally speaking, Bad Karma people come from generations of atrocious assholes before them.

Regardless of their financial status or the perception of their happiness and success. Bad Karma is shared between the Village Idiot AND the well-educated, and everywhere in-between. Good Karma people, regardless of I. Q., or wealth are just people that are “Truly Successful” with their “Station in Life” regardless of external influences (like money). They’re known as Good Karma people and a very large percentage of them are “Successful”.

Are you a Bad Karma person? You should know if you are, except most of you are blind to your Karma. You are totally blind to your fucking black-hearted life and lie. Good Karma people know the effect they have on others, and the feeling they experience because of the reciprocal nature of Good Karma. I believe only a Good Karma person can recognize a Good Karma person. It would be nice if Bad Karma could have more reciprocalosity to it, if you know what I mean.

Due to the fact that our evolution as a species is now including the fact that people are beginning to hear the wake-up call, there is some bad shit (Bad Karma) going to start occurring, and begin to escalate with the Bad Karma crowd……And it’s not going to be pretty.

Final thought. For the Good Karma people, “Payback is Success”, for the Bad Karma people, “Payback’s a Bitch”.

Peace & Abide,

Dr. T. C. Saxe, DD, RSISHE

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