The problem we have, that we need to overcome, is the fact that WE, who share this common view, are still like a multitude of scattered voices, because although WE all know the truth, we are splintered into hundreds, probably thousands, of various groups/voices. Like a single fly farting in the wind, YOU CAN’T HEAR IT.

If we can gather/combine ALL OF our like-minded voices, WE CAN do something to demand and make the changes to our societies, to our species, that we ALL want. Gather 100 million flies together at one time, their combined fart will be so loud, and the wind of it so great, it will blow down any resistance from the “Deep State”, the NWO, and the evil that has persisted for over a hundred years.

May I suggest a thought towards combining ALL our voices? Let’s create one common place/source to “gather all of our voices”. As we gather together, the hundreds of millions of us, we WILL become just like those millions of flies who decided to get together for ONE HUGE COMBINED FART. Only it will no longer be just millions and millions of flies farting simultaneously, it WILL be our combined voices for change. Mankind, as a species, CAN and WILL make the changes required for PEACE, LOVE, AND HARMONY for all. can be a beginning place to do just that. – Dr. T. C. Saxe, DD

Postscript: itad-nao has absolutely NOTHING to do with religion or politics. It can and will become “Brick & Mortar” locations in hundreds of major population centers around the world. All of like-minded folks will gather, discuss, plan, and do what needs to be done to save our species.

Peace & Abide,

Dr. T. C. Saxe, DD