About ITAD

Introduction to ITAD-NAO

We believe that what we are doing is crucial for the survival of our species and our planet. We invite you to become a member of our group. We are consolidating all like-minded people who desire a planet without war, famine, racism and bigotry, (you name it). We seek to replace the former with Peace, Humanity, Integrity and Brotherhood & Love, for all of mankind.

Please understand that ITAD-NAO is NOT a religious organization, but a means to camouflage our efforts under a banner that to the world, will appear as a religious organization. You may ask why we have a need to disguise ourselves. Quite simple, truth has always been, and is becoming, more of a threat and therefore, more dangerous.

We are not a man-made religion or entity nor a form of governing others. Members believe that all are welcome, regardless of their personal “religious” beliefs as long as they leave their beliefs at the door. No religion or belief shall condemn other belief systems and philosophy.

Some of our activities, albeit, peaceful, are preconceived by the “Elite” as anarchy. Our power is in our consolidated efforts to achieve a better life for all.

More info for you can be privately sent to you in messenger or Gmail. Eventually, all communication will have to be off of FB, in an encrypted messaging format and live video chat on the ITAD website. We look forward to your participation.




Peace and abide,

Dr. T. C. Saxe, DD


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