ITAD-NAO believes that all of our human species are born equal and should share life in equality and peace on our planet. Those of our species that are more “fortunate” should determine that their sole purpose in life is to help the “unfortunate” of our species. We believe and strive for our existence as a species should, and will be, based on giving, not taking, i.e., war is taking, and giving is the opposite.

What is ITAD-NAO? It’s not a religion or a new form of governing or policing the masses. It IS the right alternative to the New World Order (NWO) as perceived by the elite 1% of the top 1%. The New Age Order is NOT some new form of “Salvation” for our species or planet. The NAO is NOT some “Savior” from a virgin mother in Pacoima, California, or some “Alien” lifeform from another galaxy, far, far away.

The New Age Order IS YOU. You and others form the collective thoughts and desires of millions of people that believe that we, as a species, CAN and WILL live in PEACE, with no more wars, famines, and suffering that have plagued all of mankind since the beginning of time.

Our motto:





Peace and abide,

Dr. T. C. Saxe, DD



My Memoir, and a “Teaser” for my novel, “The Dead Armadillo” story

Here’s a file of my 99% finished “Memoir” titled “Memoir of an Unknown Dude” that also contains a little “Teaser” for my novel titled The Dead Armadillo”. Please feel free to share. MemoirAlmostFinished093019A In “The Dead Armadillo” you will read about my “Extended Vacation” at the Wayne County Prison Farm in the late sixties and …