Phfftttt (fly farting in the wind)

Blah-Blah-Blah-Blah-Blah-Blah-Blah-Blah-Blahhhh-Yadda-Yadda-Yadda-Yadda-Yadda-Yadda-Blah-Blah-Blah-Yadda-Yadda…… Phfftttt (fly farting in the wind).

So many voices speaking out, crying, screaming, demanding, hoping. So many wanting their voices to be heard, for so MANY righteous and unrighteous reasons against so many causes that are negatively or positively affecting our planet, our people, literally impacting all of us as a species. Yet, unless all voices, all screams, all prayers are heard at once, the thunder of what that could be, is merely a fly farting in the wind. That’s where we are as a species today. Pro-life, Anti-Gay, Against De-forestation in Pacoima, Pro-Gun Rights, Illegal Alien Rights, Pro-Cannabis, Impeach Trump, Pro-Right, Pro-Left, Anti-Zionism, Pro-Vegan, Anti-Drugs, Pro-This, Anti-That……Hundreds, perhaps thousands of worthy and not so worthy causes……. Phfftttttttttt

We think we know more today, and yet we are more confused and separated than any other time in our history, like herds of sheep going off in multiple directions, running off countless separate cliffs. The dumb seem to be just as dumb as they ever were, and although the smart seem to be getting smarter, so many of the smart sheep are still followers, and running off the proverbial cliffs.

Whether it’s believing in conspiracy theories or discovering the truth, about every subject under the sun, technology has allowed us to be more expressive with our beliefs and disbeliefs in a fractured unorganized manner. Just so much noise, like a fly farting in the wind. Millions of people marching and demonstrating? Phfftttttttttt…..However faithful we are to a cause or how organized we attempt to be? Fly fart. Billionaire spending millions of dollars to advertise his “Impeach Trump” campaign? Fly farting in the wind. Anti-this and anti-that, pro-this or pro-that? Fly fart. One religion preaching that they are the “Only Way” or another religion believing that they are “God’s Chosen People?”, Phfftttttttttt.

My thoughts and beliefs, even now as I write them down? Fly farting in the wind. The difference today, compared to the previous history of our species is that we now have the technology, the evolutionary intelligence and the means to stop wars, stop famines, cure diseases, i.e., end suffering. If you count yourself as part of the 99%, know that we do have the will/desire as well.

Instead, what do we have? A grossly mismanaged planet, controlled by all the elements that we all preach against, or support. The military-industrial complex, Dictators, regimes, and systems of government, racism and bigotry found in every part of the world. Starvation of millions of people, bombs dropping everywhere. After a few thousand years, it’s still religion against religion, color against color, the haves against the have-nots. And then there was “Social Media”. Another tool to keep us confused (what’s real, what’s not?) and disorganized. Because of social media, we now are truly like millions of individual flies, farting in the wind for “our” particular cause.

It is almost incomprehensible to get a grip on just how fucked up the human race seems to be at the moment, unless you have studied the evolution of our species in relationship to where we came from, where we are today, and the various scenarios for our future. The wealthy worry about running out of Grey Poupon while millions of men, women and children are starving to death. The small portion of aid that does get through to the people that actually need it, is embarrassing at most, compared to that 18-ounce piece of Prime Rib you are about to stuff yourself with…… Pass the Cannabis/Thyme-Infused Au Jus please. Oh, and waiter, please tell the dude with the wine that we need a few more bottles of that delicious Bordeaux.

Famines and starvation are nothing new, neither is the misery experienced by others. Millions of people have been known to die of starvation throughout our history. Today, people are still dying of starvation while the billionaires watch their investment portfolios grow and shrink, somedays good, somedays bad. In one good day of trading on Wall Street, a single investment can surge by hundreds of millions of dollars, enough to stop the famines, enough to provide food and medical aid to all of humanity, enough to provide shelter and/or relief from natural disasters, enough to end the endless wars, enough to cure all diseases. Even on a bad day of trading, the oligarchs of the world still have the resources to rescue those in need. One percent of the worlds wealth can end wars, end famines, end disease and stop the suffering on our planet. Ask the starving people in Yemen and other parts of the world if they prefer a baked potato or garlic-mashed with their steak.

Warfare because of political, religious and ethnic differences and the historical “Colonization” of our planet. Nothing new, except today, “War” is a “Product”. Conflict and war have taken millions of innocent lives throughout our known history. 2,300 + years without a day of killing so far. Now we use our differences as an excuse to start wars, invade sovereign countries, take down dictators, not because of our differences like a thousand years ago, but to feed the military/industrial money machine owned by a handful of people (if you trust in that theory). Today, children are being imprisoned because they “slap” a soldier in an effort to stand up to an apartheid regime. In another part of the globe, a “soldier” is cutting up a child into six pieces with his Machete before raping and killing the mother. All over the world we witness the indefensible acts of one politician or religious system committing genocide “Ethnic Cleansing” against another people (nothing new).

The greatest of the world powers appear blameless to themselves as each of the powers are in control of every aspect of our lives. Like bullies on the playground, each world power desires control over the other bullies, spending billions of dollars on their military/industrial machines, like those playground bullies each showing their bigger stick or rock, their larger knife or pistol, their more powerful arsenal of nuclear weapons, (all part of our evolution as a species).

The real issue is that the world leaders are as puppets on a string, and the puppeteers are the 1% in control. Think about this. 200 to 400 years ago, the world powers were colonizing the world, fighting each other once in a while as they conquered (colonized) the world, ending their conflicts with treaties and inter-marriages (example: the current royal family in the UK are mostly Germanic origin). Now there is the evolved New World Order (NWO). Google it. Start with Rothschilds and Zionism.

As a species, we have accomplished some amazing things. We have discovered the cures for, and vanquished many diseases. Our technological achievements in the past 100 years have changed how we live and how we interact as a species.

Our history, and our evolution as a species tells us that we are coming to a cross-road on this planet. We all talk about a multitude of issues, sharing them on social media, discussing, marching, creating signs and memes, but doing nothing really, because our separated voices are like a fly farting in the wind.

One man’s religion, or lack thereof, is scorned, rejected and punished by another. Another person’s thoughts of good will and mercy are beat down by another because of skin color, or what part of the planet we are from. Throughout our history as a species, too many innocent people have died as the result of wars, starvation and genocide, not because we don’t care, not because of the lack compassion and mercy, but because even our combined voices, are really like that fly, farting in the wind. When you look at what has been occurring over the last one hundred years or so, it becomes more and more obvious that we (mankind) are evolving, with our advancements in technology evolving faster than we can handle them (how about a micro-chip implanted at birth?).

Institutionalized, and evolved, our various religious beliefs, and ideas of governing/controlling the masses are owned by the dudes holding the keys to the BANK. They have evolved along with the rest of us. The “Elite” or 1%, as we call them own the Chess Board, the world leaders are their “Chess Players”, and we, the citizens of Planet Earth, aren’t even the chess pieces in the game. The wealthy are not listening, they could care less what we think, or say. We are merely flies buzzing around the table. Phfftttttttttt.

The only thing in common with the elite? Just like you and I, they WILL die eventually. They WILL be just as much food for the maggots and worms and although they “can’t take their wealth with them to their graves”, they certainly have had, and still have, the power to leave their treasure to their children, their children’s children for generations yet to be born. Another conspiracy theory? Connect the “Family” dots for the past 200 years, in Europe and the USA especially. Do your own research.

Mankind’s religions have always placed us in conflict with others, as it suits the powers in place at the time. Regardless of what you believe or don’t believe in, in the end, your body still becomes food for the maggots and worms, i.e., “From dust to dust”.

Is humanity still suffering from indifference, fear, hatred, bigotry and racial inequality? Yes. Does our species still suffer because of religious and/or ethnic differences? Yes. (connect the dots). Is there a possibility that we will make the correct choice as we approach the fork in the road? I believe we will. The answer? I’m not completely sure, but I do know that a simple thing like the “Golden Rule” will play a large part in the positive transformation of our species. New Age Order, not New World Order. Love yourself. Love your neighbor. Try showing the same love that we have for our children, our pets. Give that love to the world.

In closing, I just want to say, Blah-Blah-Blah-Blah-Blah-Blah-Blah-Blah-Blahhhh-Yadda-Yadda-Yadda-Yadda-Yadda-Yadda-Blah-Blah-Blah-Yadda-Yadda…… Phfftttt (fly farting in the wind).

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Peace and abide,

Dr. T. C. Saxe, DD


Search for justice drags on for slain Palestinian teen


Since there is a lack of mainstream coverage of the apartheid conditions the Palestinian people try to exist under the zionists illegal rule, I am going to start posting news on behalf of Palestine in order to give them the news coverage that they lack and deserve