Since there is a lack of mainstream coverage of the apartheid conditions the Palestinian people try to exist under the zionists illegal rule, I am going to start posting news on behalf of Palestine in order to give them the news coverage that they lack and deserve

Palestinian Nour Tamimi released on bail

Search for justice drags on for slain Palestinian teen


Why does Israel fear the BDS movement so much?


Leaked Afghan Combat Video Shows US Special Forces Firing At Driver Of Civilian Truck

Watch the video if you haven’t already seen it. U. S. soldier, brave soldier, shoots and kills truck driver for the hell of it? Perfect candidate for any law enforcement agency when he/she comes home, right? Let’s stop praising and thanking the brave soldiers for “Protecting” all of us “citizens”. Let’s start educating our children from grade school on, that WAR SUCKS, and they are much better off serving their country in something we used to call, “THE PEACE CORPS”.


Very interesting read. Check it out. The Zionists and major supporters of Zionism, who control most of the internet sites, including farcebook. It’s the same people that control the mainstream media with censorship of the truth. No wonder the people of Palestine feel so alone in their struggle against the apartheid Zionist Military Regime called Israel. It’s no wonder why the major world powers are controlled by, and funding the real terrorists in the middle east, the Zionists. Click on link below.