I saw someone post a related photo today, and because I couldn’t find the posting again, I was inspired to write this, and include a video. A young woman, leshia Champs, a mother of five passed her bar exam. So, you are thinking, why is this a big deal? Let me tell you.

This fantastic event took place late last year in 2018, but is still relevant today, and will continue to be relevant I hope, for years to come. What a great inspiration for everyone who strives to do better in life, especially those that DO IT despite difficult, or what may seem to be, impossible odds. Earlier this year, Ms. Champs was selected to be assistant county attorney for the Children’s Protection Practice Group of Harris County. WOW!

Congratulations! We are ALL proud of you leshia, and I believe that you will inspire thousands of people over time. I myself had to take pause and think about it, as I didn’t start writing until three years ago, and I’m going to be 71 in a few weeks. I certainly have not given up on my writing, I’m DOING it.

Here’s a link to a video, and my thoughts/Meme, inspired by leshia’s wonderful story……..



Peace & Abide,

Dr. T. C. Saxe, DD, RSISHE

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To date, the most important 9-11 video you will see

It’s as if we ALL are laying in our own separate beds, awake, and there is this one really pesky fly buzzing around our bed. It dive-bombs at our head and we take a swing at it trying to slap it down, without success. Then, this annoying little fly hovers a foot in front of your face and you take another swing at it, and it lands on the blanket near your crotch. You take another slap at it, miss, and you’ve accidentally hit yourself in the balls which pisses you off even further.

This is frustrating it is when over the years, we see millions of “9-11” FB posts/comments/discussions, on social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, etcetera.  Videos, books, the social media as I have mentioned, ALL have a common truth that we now know, that 9-11 first of all, was a “False-Flag” operation and that the buildings were brought down with controlled demolitions. That the perps were NOT a handful of Saudi dudes committing an act of terrorism on behalf of Osama Bin Laden, but in fact were the “Intelligence” agencies of the Zionist Outlaw regime from the so-called “State of Israel”, along with the United States CIA and other unnamed enablers.  With ALL of this knowledge and the massive sharing of this truth, we are still so much as that single fly, which by the way, when it landed on your blanket near your crotch, it farted, but you could not hear it. This is why I have been saying for a few years now, “We are all like a single fly, farting in the wind. No one hears it”.

Watch this video as this IS the best concise summation. 34 minutes and 44 seconds short, based on years of research that you need to see. Even MY posts of THIS on my own websites and on Facebook will STILL BE, like a single fly, farting in the wind. It is time to gather all like-minded folks (fly farts) together and come up with a plan to actually do something with our knowledge. In order to do something, we MUST first organize, i.e., gather all of our individual “Fly Farts” into one large fart, so to speak. By organizing, I don’t mean having demonstrations, marches and rallies, those are merely individual fly farts as well.

Many of you are already members of itad-nao.com, which I established a few years ago. It is, and will become, first an internet gathering of voices, and then eventually “Brick & Mortar” locations throughout the world, where we can meet in mass, in our “Tabernacles”, communicate, form leadership roles/functions, and begin to truly devise a plan to first bring the 9-11 criminals to justice, eliminate the ties with the Zionist so-called State of Israel, rid ourselves of the Zionist supporters in our U. S. government, and defeat this horrid aspect and influence on our lives that started a long, long time ago.

We are looking forward to the first billionaire that truly has seen and knows the truth, and that at least as an act of his/her conscience, signs up and helps fund this “Gathering together” of ALL the like-minded folks that believe, and desire action.

It’s not too late to “Congregate”.

Here’s the link I mentioned. It’s an interview of Christopher Bollyn by Sean Stone (son of Oliver Stone, the film maker). This interview took place on March 10th, 2015.



Here’s a link to The International Tabernacle of Abiding Dudeism www.itad-nao.com


Peace & Abide,

For those of you that have enjoyed reading my posts and pages, and would like to make a small donation in support of my writing efforts, I have now set up a PayPal account for you to contribute $1 or so, or you can send some homemade Venison Jerky or Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups , your donation is 100% tax deductible. The preceding request for donations has always been my half-hearted attempt to make a little money from my writing. A few friends/relatives HAVE sent small donations, I even received some really good Venison Jerky one time from my Cousin Barry. No Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups however. I now add that IF you are like-minded and in agreement with this post, please donate to the cause. The monies will be used for things like hiring a professional web designer for the itad-nao website, and related needs. Thank you very much.






This story, from a few years ago, still needs to be told today

If this had happened ANYWHERE else in the world, those EXPLETED DELETED excuses for human beings would be prosecuted, tried, and convicted of the crimes of MURDER. But, oh well, it’s a normal occurrence in the OCCUPIED Palestine. SHAME on the rest of us for not doing something about it.

From the FB Page, Exposing treason in America

A Jewish settler ran over two Palestinian children both aged 5 near Ramallah in the occupied West Bank, Toleen Omar Asfour and Inas Shawkat Khalil who succumbed to her wounds.

The Fascist Israel lobby uses main stream media, Hollywood, Congress, Senate, WH, political pundits and think tanks to control your thoughts and brainwash America. Once you start questioning all that, they lose control! That’s why they want to criminalize #BDS because the Fascist Israel lobby is the thought Police in America

Starting in 2019, the U.S. will give Israel $38 billion over the next 10 years – $3.8 billion per year, which is $10.41 million per day.

This is in line with previous years. In 2017, the U.S. gave Israel $3.7 billion – about $10.14 million per day. In other words, the new aid package amounts to an increase of around $27 million per year.



Other similar incidents:

Dead body of 6-year-old Lama Marwan Mousa who was killed when a Jewish settler ran her over with his vehicle in the southern occupied West Bank seen at Beit Cala Hospital in Betlehem on September 10, 2016.


Illegal Israeli Colonist Hits Palestinian Child With Car, Flees Scene https://imemc.org/article/illegal-israeli-colonist-hits-palestinian-child-with-car-flees-scene/

Aseel Abu Oun was killed near her village of Furush Beit Dajan in the occupied West Bank.

The settler then rammed her with the truck, killing her, and escaped, according to witnesses.

Israeli settler was indicted on hate crime charges Thursday for a series of attacks on Palestinians, including attempting to run over a Palestinian street cleaner with his car late last month.

“Eneas Khalil, 5, succumbed to injuries she sustained when she was hit by a settler’s car,” Another girl, Nilin Asfour, 8, was injured in the incident although she is listed in stable condition.




Peace & Abide,


Dr. T. C. Saxe, DD, RSISHE



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Glasnost, Perestroika, Vodka and FEMA Camps

I was watching a documentary tonight, of sorts……A film made by VICE, a so-called purveyor of truth. The film was an in-person narrative and interviews of the independent freedom fighters of Ukraine, battling the “Fuckin’ Russians”. “There you go again, by golly” (famous one-liner, guess which president said that?).

The Commies are at it again, trying to take back something that used to be theirs. Oh, but wait, it’s not the USSR anymore, and I don’t think you could regard them as Communists anymore either.

From 1991, when the USSR ceased functioning as a communist country, the world just began to call it the Soviet Union instead of using the initials USSR. Many people nowadays just call it Russia. Three of the former “Soviet States”, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia, had already declared their independence from the old USSR prior to Christmas of 1991, when the old flag of the USSR was raised over the Kremlin for the last time. Pop Quiz: How many readers know what the NEW Russian flag looks like?

As I watched this Anti-Russia, Pro-Ukraine film, I began to notice the general age of these Ukrainian dudes being interviewed in the film. They ALL were of an age, that either they weren’t even born yet, or at best, they were three years old when the United Soviet States of Russia (USSR) bit the dust.

It’s only in recent history that any of the Eastern European countries have been known as being independent, (who declared their independence after Christmas of 1991) like these others, Ukraine, Georgia, Belarus, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan.

Before the collapse of the USSR. In most minds, we never really thought of them as separate from the USSR, because they weren’t. News casters would refer to them like, “A Soviet YAK-40 just crashed in the bla-bla-bla-blaistan region of the…….wait for it!…..USSR!”.

So, as I’m watching this mutual aggression taking place between the people in the eastern part of the Ukraine, supposedly aided by Russian troops, and the National Army of the Ukraine aided by the freedom fighters in this film, I see all these young dudes being interviewed and filmed, and I remember a few “Russians” that I knew years ago that are my age, well, one of them is 78 now, 8 years older than I am.

We used to talk over a few beers, and I remember both of them (at different times, different bars, tell me that things were not all that bad, even when it WAS the USSR. What they described as life in the USSR, (specifically the Ukraine, and the other dude was from Kazakhstan) was not a bad life. Sure, they may have lacked some of the things we take for granted, like fancy sports cars and wine from Northern California, but they had the best Vodka in the world.

My point is this, let’s not get all judgmental and opinionated over what is happening 4,475 miles away along the Russian western boundary. The older folk have not seen much of a change from their perspective, in fact, they claim they were from Russia. One friend even told me, “Yes, I grew up in what used to be called, the USSR. I came to the USA after the Glasnost and Perestroika started in 1985 because I didn’t like some of the changes the new government was making at the time”. Boris, the one from the Ukraine continued, “Gorbachev was cutting back on a lot of the spending on military equipment, and as a small business, (machine shop owner), I depended on the military equipment spending as my bread & butter. I closed down, thru a dart at the dart-board, it stuck in Southern California, so I moved here”. Boris went on to tell me how he packed up some suit cases, and he and his wife Anya left Russia and landed at LAX, back in 1989.

My point is, all over the world, in First-World countries especially, our governments and media have been feeding us a line of bullshit for far too long. So long, that our very mentality has been configured to only believe what we are being told, bombarded with, every fucking day. Most is untruths about what is happening in the First-World’s neck of the woods, and so far from the truth it’s pathetic.

“Sheeple will eat whatever grass their Shepard leads them to” – Dr. T. C. Saxe, DD

The lies began when JFK was eliminated/assassinated and the lies have been escalating ever since then. All the reasons for wars since then have been lies. Sure, let’s say we are going to Democratize “Tim-Buck-Two” (an imaginary third-world country). Our government sends our CIA into a country and funds/arms one faction or the other. Of course, we are going to support whatever faction who’s willing to sign over the mineral rights, like Oil & Gas deposits in exchange for “Democracy”. What a fucking joke.

Continuing on past the lie about Saddam Hussein/Iraq, and Afghanistan, after 9-11. The on-going lies about Iran and Syria. The TOTAL sell-out to the zionists who are destroying a whole nation, Palestine. Other than the constant wars in the Middle East over OIL. There are and always has been, internal conflicts in what we lovingly call, “Third-World Countries”. Have you ever stopped for a moment and thought, “Who are the Second-World countries”?

Many of these conflicts are one religious faction trying to exterminate another religious faction. Do we send in the CIA? No. Do we take sides militarily and try to end the conflict? Sometimes, but only when there is OIL, GAS, GOLD, SILVER, URANIUM, and all that other good stuff the government likes. If you don’t have shit, you don’t get shit, that’s how the world works, on a personal basis as well as a whole nation is concerned, like in places like Burma. The words, from the White House and Congress? “Let those Mother-Fuckers kill each other, we could care less”. The Middle East? Now that’s a horse of a different color, isn’t it.

So, the Soviet Union (Russia) has invaded and annexed Crimea? SO FUCKING WHAT you turd. The people that live there are Russian Speaking, RUSSIANS. It’s like the USA taking Florida back. What has been happening recently, is how the fucking retards running our government choose the side of the former Russian states, militarily and economically. Can’t you see this? Most of the folks my age can only call themselves Russians, who happen to live in area that used to be territorially connected to……wait for it…….RUSSIA!


When you are big enough that your threat of force can stop wars, you’ve accomplished your objective without the useless killing of other people. – Dr. T. C. Saxe, DD

That is what we hope for and what I write about. When ITAD-NAO is large enough to give the politicians an alternative to greed, (like, their lives perhaps), we will be entering into the Age of Aquarius, the New Age Order. It’s NOT a threat.

Here’s the bottom line friends, especially friends that already are members of either the ITAD-NAO farcecrap group, or you are already readers and members of this website or the farcecrap version, my blog at www.tcsblog.net, or you are just like-minded with us and know the TRUTH, about everything we have been writing about. If you see that FEMA is building “Camps” all over the country to “house” the people that we know really are folks like us, you should sign up with us. If you already are aware that FEMA is also stock-piling plastic injected-molded caskets (which hold five bodies), you should sign up with us. The list of shit that’s happening right in front of our eyes, that will have a vastly negative impact on your future and your children’s future, is almost endless. So here is what we ask from you. Send whatever amount you can, but send something. $5, $20, $1,000. We promise that EVERY SINGLE DOLLAR will be used to fund our advertising campaign. Let’s STOP being like a single fly, farting in the wind. We SHALL overcome! Your contribution can be sent through the PayPal button on this website, or at www.tcsblog.net Our initial advertising will be on farcecrap, if they don’t shut us down. Eventually we will take to the air waves, both TV and Radio. How about 100 Billboards spread across America?

“Money isn’t necessarily the root of all evil, but GREED is” – Dr. T. C. Saxe, DD

(insert any word you want in place of “Money”. OIL, GAS, GOLD, SILVER, URANIUM, on and on and on, the quote still works)

Thank you for your support. Let’s get this ball a rolling. We are going to be starting up the private messaging again like we had before, unfortunately still via farcecrap, until a volunteer web designer steps up to the plate to help us build that capability on this website. The whole purpose of this ITAD website is to get us OFF of the farcecrap pissantshitasshole fucking website.

Here’s the PayPal Button:




Other immediate needs. On a volunteer basis for now, we need a WEBMASTER who can work on this website, we need a person skilled in “Crowd-Funding” and “Director of Charitable Giving”, we need an attorney to help in the legal matters for ITAD_NAO, including setting us up as a tax-exempt “Church”, we need a Certified CPA to insure the financial integrity of the ITAD-NAO organization, we need a “Chief of Security”, we need a film-maker, first for YouTube, eventually for larger platforms, plus a few other positions. We believe that somewhere down the road, a Billionaire will step up to the plate and write a check for $50 Million or so, which will turn those volunteer positions into paid positions.

Peace & Abide,

Dr. T. C. Saxe, DD


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The Big Red Dragon drops a Preemptive TURD

Prelude: The following came to me last night almost like a “Vision”

First fun fact. The country that the good old US of A owes the most money to, i.e., debt owed? CHINA. I will explain this as it relates to the Rothschild Family (and Central Banking System), the Middle East, more specifically the area some call Israel, and most call Palestine. You can take this as crazy talk, opinion (mine), or a prophecy. The world will survive what I am about to describe, but I estimate that only 15% of the world population will survive.

If you look at the list of three countries not controlled by the Rothschild Family (the World Bank), it’s currently North Korea, Cuba, and Iran. Some would think that Russia and China would be on the short list with Iran. Well, even though both countries are on the vast list of countries that do have Rothschild’s Central banking, China and Russia are on opposite poles, if you will, as far as the degree of control by the Rothschild Family.

Question: Is Bezos really the richest man on the planet? Amazon is a great marketplace to buy everything from soup to nuts, but the Bezos success and money is a necessary evil for the RF, and a drop in the bucket. He still counts his money in Billions, not Trillions. Many believe the rumor that Putin is the richest “Single Person, NOT Family” person in the world. I believe this to be true. But guess what, Putin’s wealth is a drop in the bucket also, compared to the wealth of the Rothschilds “Family”.

What does this tell you? It tells ME that although Putin is 180 degrees from the USA’s goals (which include the support of the zionist israel), Putin is getting his money from the Rothschilds Family. Why? I’ll just call them RF from here on, RF has always backed both sides, when in the long-term RF still wins in the end. Even though Russia’s policies in the Middle East, and who they are supporting, are 180 degrees from the USA Coalition, which has been shrinking in size, not growing, Putin is doing EXACTLY what the RF has been telling him to do for a long time now.

If Russia were to be told to support whatever the USA Coalition wants, as an example, supporting Zionist Israel, there would not be two sides, there would be one, i.e., the RF can’t make any money from PEACE, they only make money if there are two opposing sides, either at war, or at least the constant threat of war. There would be no “Nuclear Arms Race” between Russia & the good old US of A, and without THAT, no proliferation of Nuclear Weapons. What that means to people with a lack of math skills, is that no one would have Weapons of Mass Destruction today. Get it? You can’t make a handful of individuals and families ANY money with PEACE.

So, getting to the other side of the coin, China, although they are on the list of countries that have Rothschild’s Central Banking, it’s not like Russia, where you could give the leader let’s say, five billion dollars as long as he poses to be an opposite form the USA and all other (small list) countries that do whatever the fuck the RF want, which includes supporting the zionist state of Israel (not caps on purpose) dick that’s been UP our asses for quite a while now. The only other choice that Putin has, is all of a sudden, “Paper, Paper, read all about it, Putin dies of a massive stroke at his summer residence. Putin was discovered this morning in his swimming pool, and according to the official Russian News Release, had a massive stroke”. All of Russia is in mourning as they hear the news. Some called it Putin’s Palace, officially it was called the Palace on the Idokopas Cape. Vladimir’s lovely summer home is on the Baltic Sea near the village of Praskoveevka”.

He would be replaced immediately by another puppet if he didn’t do exactly what the RF wants him to do, and you can bet your bottom dollar that the RF would not have any difficulty in replacing him. So, what choice does Putin have? It’s all been “Smoke & Mirrors” folks, going back to, I believe, the assassination of JFK, (who was planning to eliminate the Federal Reserve). Here’s a trivia type question: How long do you think Trump would last if he signed an Executive Order eliminating 100% of the aid (cash hand-outs, weaponry and assistance) to israel? Here’s another “News Flash”, “Trumps motorcade has just been attacked, while on their way to Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, Florida. Preliminary information is that terrorists yelling SAVE IRAN! DEATH TO THE WARMONGERS! (in Persian) were responsible for the attack. We don’t know any other details at this time, or if President Trump is safe. We just received word that the President’s Limousine has exploded into a ball of fire. Stay tuned. We now are getting information as it happens from our reporter on the ground in Palm Beach”.

Of course, it’s just imaginary scenarios that I just described, and it also could be just the right “False Flag” that the RF orders. :News now reports that President Trump did not survive the attack (toasted Cheetos)”. Vice President Pence, a christian zionist is sworn in as President and immediately declares war on Iran. Just a week prior to the attack, the Trump administration designated Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps as a foreign terrorist organization to escalate the American pressure campaign against Tehran.

We all know now for sure that 9-11 was also a False Flag operation planned and executed by the Mossad and the CIA ordered by the RF. Now, think of this for a moment. Scenario: The USA led Coalition is days away from wiping Iran off the map. China refuses to join the coalition. The RF have already replaced Putin, the USA and its coalition have their heads up the zionists ass so far, they can’t see any light.

Here’s the Big Red Dragon’s Turd. China in a preemptive strike, launches the first volley of Nuclear Missiles. They have basically told the RF to go fuck themselves regarding Iran, whom China has always supported, and decides that the RF and everyone under them needs to be stopped. Minutes after the Chinese have launched, from their Nuclear Submarines in position all over the globe, the USA Coalition countries that have Nuclear weapons launch against China. China has targeted the major population and technology centers in the good old US of A, Europe, and the Middle East. They purposely have NOT targeted Russia, since Russia has not joined in on the planned attack on Iran.

Technology being what it is today, and due to the fact that the USA had previously allowed any Tom, Dick, or Harry, i.e., CHINA, to invest in the United States, (google the shit that China owns here in the USA), things like major parts of our power grid (owned by China) are shut down by the Chinese at the same time that they are launching their preemptive strike. If you were the Chinese, and had just told the RF to go fuck off, and you saw the hand-writing on the wall regarding Iran, israel and the whole Middle East, what would you do?

Here’s another fun fact for you: Why China Is America’s Biggest Banker. The U.S. debt to China is $1.12 trillion as of December 2018. That’s 28 percent of the $3.9 trillion in Treasury bills, notes, and bonds held by foreign countries. The rest of the $22 trillion national debt is owned by either the American people or by the U.S. government itself. Feb 25, 2019 from money/cnn.com Sure, China is part of the World Bank, but they are NOT fully controlled by the zionists, therefore NOT controlled totally by the RF. In fact, there is very little control over China, it’s leadership, and the 476 Chinese Billionaires, (USA has 585).

Think about this. The growth of China, economically, has been on a curve upward for the past 40 years, and in many instances, their technology and abilities have surpassed the Good Old USA and global partners.

Many of the Missiles launched by the USA led coalition, aimed now at China, are destroyed in mid-flight by China’s space-based weapons platforms, which were a tightly guarded secret up until this nuclear scenario. Of course, the USA, Great Britain, Germany, and France have similar capabilities. Although many missiles never reach their intended targets, cities like Washington DC, Houston, Los Angeles, Seattle, Newport News, in the USA, London, Paris, Tel Aviv, Tehran, Rome, Berlin, Moscow, Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, and several other strategic targets are vaporized. A vast portion of the Middle East is now part of the Mediterranean Sea.

This war, if you will, only lasts three days. When all the smoke clears, what is left are remote areas, as an example in parts of the Northern Mid-West like Montana, North Dakota, Minnesota, Idaho, and Canada. I know it get’s cold in the winter there, just wait and see how fucking cold it is going to be during the Nuclear Winter in the months and years after this three-day Nuclear catastrophe. All communication systems and platforms throughout the world are shut down, and since most countries populations are centered in and around the major target areas, 85% of our species is killed off in the largest single mass de-population event in the history of mankind. Henry Kissinger is laughing in his grave.

The hopes and vision of the RF and the zionists for taking over the world someday are shattered, what’s left, the 15% of us, will start over in what I call the New Age Order. We have had, prior to this Nuclear cleansing of our planet, time to prepare. Those of us that saw the light years ago, moved away from the cities I mentioned, (got out of Dodge) and prepared ourselves for the inevitable.

Recently, someone said, “The greatest threat to the world? It isn’t North Korea, Russia or China, it’s zionist israel”. Guess what, the Chinese figured that one out a long time ago. The REAL threat is CHINA.

DO your own research or not, the facts are there to support many scenarios. I have given you my opinion and imaginary picture of what I believe is coming. Along with the make-believe, I have also presented facts that support my beliefs. Do your own research.

This posting is going to remain unfinished, as I am sure that I will be adding to it and editing grammatical errors and such in the near future. Please feel free to post your comments as well, as add some to this post as well. Negative and positive comments, will be added to this post on my website and a few other platforms. In the meantime, please visit www.tcsblog.net


Postscript: I purposely used an image, screen-shot, of the Amazon website. One may ask the question, “What happened to people like Bezos”……My answer? “From Dust to Dust, Ashes to Ashes”. No more Internet, no more Amazon, and no more Bezos.

Peace & Abide,

Dr. T. C. Saxe, DD

Strain: glowingreddragonturd, harvested December 25th, 2021

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Tolerance versus Acceptance

Look folks, let’s settle this. The human species, “Mankind” if you will, HAS been killing itself for thousands of years. We are the ONLY “Animal” that kills its own for ALL the reasons/purposes you want to cite. Greed, Ambition, Colonialism (the land grabbing part mostly for the resources), and “For the expansion of our EMPIRE).

Down through our brief history on our planet, MANKIND has used RELIGION, as a cloak to hide behind, i. e., as an excuse to slaughter literally MILLIONS of our species. So don’t sit there and think that RELIGION does not cause WARS. The most recent example of what I call CLOAKING is how the zionist supporting leadership of the USA, (and those behind it) concealed their involvement in 9-11, and then immediately, and successfully blamed it on MUSLIM TERRORISTS AND ISLAM. We all know it was a FALSE FLAG ( this means, inside) OPERATION.

Now, think for a minute. Haven’t you seen a rise in the hatred of one religion for another religion in your lifetime? In this case, the right and far-right CHRISTIAN-ZIONISTS (and you know who you are) spewing nothing but hatred towards people of another religious belief (Muslim)?

So, study our evolution as a species. Discover the TRUTH and the TRUTH shall set you free. There HAS NOT been one single major religion that was created for the purpose of torturing & slaughtering our fellow man. THERE HAS BEEN many a power-hungry sometimes insane portion of our species using RELIGION, using the name of GOD TO subjugate, enslave, and massacre millions of people ALL IN THE NAME OF SOME GOD, HALLELUJAH.

Think about it. What can we do as a species to bring us all to our senses? Love one another, as you love yourself and your children, regardless of what GOD one might worship. Most of all, seek out and surround yourself with the truth. Share that truth with mankind through LOVE instead of HATRED, – Dr. T. C. Saxe, DD www.itad-nao.com 

P. S. It’s NOT about “Religious Tolerance”. Tolerance is, like not having a “High Tolerance” for weed when you are not 24/7, like myself, or having a “High Tolerance” for Bee Stings because you have been stung so many times. It’s about ACCEPTANCE, accepting other folks RELIGIOUS views and thoughts. Allowing others WITH those various beliefs and thoughts the FREEDOM to believe in what THEY believe in, and to live THEIR lives with the promises taught by their religion. The difference is amazing, when you can ACCEPT others, no matter what their station in life might be, no matter what GOD they may worship

Peace & Abide,

Dr. T. C. Saxe, DD

Strain: BeeStingOnMyAss, harvested August 30th, 1972

For those of you that have enjoyed reading my posts and pages, and would like to make a small donation in support of my writing efforts and intentions, I have now set up a PayPal account for you to contribute $1 or so, or you can send some Cannabis, homemade Venison Jerky or Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups , your donation is 100% tax deductible.


The problem we have, that we need to overcome, is the fact that WE, who share this common view, are still like a multitude of scattered voices, because although WE all know the truth, we are splintered into hundreds, probably thousands, of various groups/voices. Like a single fly farting in the wind, YOU CAN’T HEAR IT.

If we can gather/combine ALL OF our like-minded voices, WE CAN do something to demand and make the changes to our societies, to our species, that we ALL want. Gather 100 million flies together at one time, their combined fart will be so loud, and the wind of it so great, it will blow down any resistance from the “Deep State”, the NWO, and the evil that has persisted for over a hundred years.

May I suggest a thought towards combining ALL our voices? Let’s create one common place/source to “gather all of our voices”. As we gather together, the hundreds of millions of us, we WILL become just like those millions of flies who decided to get together for ONE HUGE COMBINED FART. Only it will no longer be just millions and millions of flies farting simultaneously, it WILL be our combined voices for change. Mankind, as a species, CAN and WILL make the changes required for PEACE, LOVE, AND HARMONY for all. www.itad-nao.com can be a beginning place to do just that. – Dr. T. C. Saxe, DD

Postscript: itad-nao has absolutely NOTHING to do with religion or politics. It can and will become “Brick & Mortar” locations in hundreds of major population centers around the world. All of like-minded folks will gather, discuss, plan, and do what needs to be done to save our species.

Peace & Abide,

Dr. T. C. Saxe, DD













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Peace & Abide,

Dr. T. C. Saxe, DD

P. S.  Speaking of “Common Sense”, WAR, any war or act of violence against humanity makes absolutely NO SENSE AT ALL, let alone “Common Sense”








If you feel charitable and would like to donate towards making this website more professional, you can donate your web design skills, and/or make a monetary donation via the link below. Thank you for your generosity.

Peace & Abide

Dr. T. C. Saxe, DD




Who do you trust for your daily news feed? There is the Main Stream Media (MSM) like ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, FOX, and there are the supposedly “Public Funded” outlets, and the “Self-Proclaimed” TRUTH outlets like RT (Russian Television), etceteras.

It is commonly thought (by Free Thinkers), that the MSM is owned and therefore RUN, by ZIONISTS. Here’s a question for everyone that hosts a show on RT. Why is it that when there is EVER any discussion regarding what has been happening in the Middle East, NO ONE, not in the MSM or on RT, a Russian owned news station, has the balls to talk about the evil that is Zionism, and the effects of this apartheid regime and philosophy on the whole world.

Why are you people afraid to talk about the situation, other than giving voice to BDS once in a while. People everywhere needs to put pressure on their politicians to STOP funding the Zionist regime, and here in the U. S.. politicians who have so-called dual citizenship with Israel need to be voted OUT of office, and deported to that POS regime which they so lovingly support.

If there is a truly honest news outlet/media out there that is depicting Zionism for what it really is, let me know, please.

P. S. If there are any “Angel Investors” out there that are interested, I propose establishing a NEW news outlet for TV and other mediums called, TRUTH TV where the real truth can be proclaimed to the world.

Peace & Abide,



Dr. T. C. Saxe, DD






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