Who do you trust for your daily news feed? There is the Main Stream Media (MSM) like ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, FOX, and there are the supposedly “Public Funded” outlets, and the “Self-Proclaimed” TRUTH outlets like RT (Russian Television), etceteras.

It is commonly thought (by Free Thinkers), that the MSM is owned and therefore RUN, by ZIONISTS. Here’s a question for everyone that hosts a show on RT. Why is it that when there is EVER any discussion regarding what has been happening in the Middle East, NO ONE, not in the MSM or on RT, a Russian owned news station, has the balls to talk about the evil that is Zionism, and the effects of this apartheid regime and philosophy on the whole world.

Why are you people afraid to talk about the situation, other than giving voice to BDS once in a while. People everywhere needs to put pressure on their politicians to STOP funding the Zionist regime, and here in the U. S.. politicians who have so-called dual citizenship with Israel need to be voted OUT of office, and deported to that POS regime which they so lovingly support.

If there is a truly honest news outlet/media out there that is depicting Zionism for what it really is, let me know, please.

P. S. If there are any “Angel Investors” out there that are interested, I propose establishing a NEW news outlet for TV and other mediums called, TRUTH TV where the real truth can be proclaimed to the world.

Peace & Abide,



Dr. T. C. Saxe, DD






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