Tolerance versus Acceptance

Look folks, let’s settle this. The human species, “Mankind” if you will, HAS been killing itself for thousands of years. We are the ONLY “Animal” that kills its own for ALL the reasons/purposes you want to cite. Greed, Ambition, Colonialism (the land grabbing part mostly for the resources), and “For the expansion of our EMPIRE).

Down through our brief history on our planet, MANKIND has used RELIGION, as a cloak to hide behind, i. e., as an excuse to slaughter literally MILLIONS of our species. So don’t sit there and think that RELIGION does not cause WARS. The most recent example of what I call CLOAKING is how the zionist supporting leadership of the USA, (and those behind it) concealed their involvement in 9-11, and then immediately, and successfully blamed it on MUSLIM TERRORISTS AND ISLAM. We all know it was a FALSE FLAG ( this means, inside) OPERATION.

Now, think for a minute. Haven’t you seen a rise in the hatred of one religion for another religion in your lifetime? In this case, the right and far-right CHRISTIAN-ZIONISTS (and you know who you are) spewing nothing but hatred towards people of another religious belief (Muslim)?

So, study our evolution as a species. Discover the TRUTH and the TRUTH shall set you free. There HAS NOT been one single major religion that was created for the purpose of torturing & slaughtering our fellow man. THERE HAS BEEN many a power-hungry sometimes insane portion of our species using RELIGION, using the name of GOD TO subjugate, enslave, and massacre millions of people ALL IN THE NAME OF SOME GOD, HALLELUJAH.

Think about it. What can we do as a species to bring us all to our senses? Love one another, as you love yourself and your children, regardless of what GOD one might worship. Most of all, seek out and surround yourself with the truth. Share that truth with mankind through LOVE instead of HATRED, – Dr. T. C. Saxe, DD 

P. S. It’s NOT about “Religious Tolerance”. Tolerance is, like not having a “High Tolerance” for weed when you are not 24/7, like myself, or having a “High Tolerance” for Bee Stings because you have been stung so many times. It’s about ACCEPTANCE, accepting other folks RELIGIOUS views and thoughts. Allowing others WITH those various beliefs and thoughts the FREEDOM to believe in what THEY believe in, and to live THEIR lives with the promises taught by their religion. The difference is amazing, when you can ACCEPT others, no matter what their station in life might be, no matter what GOD they may worship

Peace & Abide,

Dr. T. C. Saxe, DD

Strain: BeeStingOnMyAss, harvested August 30th, 1972

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