Open Letter to All

This is the text of a letter we wrote today to a very large Farcebook page, and private messaged to it’s admins:



It is obvious that your organization “Collective Evolution” is one of the earliest groups to manifest itself on Facecrap, and probably the largest, with 5,312,996 Likes and 5,087,389 Followers on your Facecrap page. I have 21 “Friends” that have “Liked” your Facecrap page. I assume that you also get mucho traffic on your website.

Having said that, my first reaction is to wonder how “Business” is, because it seems that your organization has evolved into a “For Profit” Modus Operandi. Nothing wrong with that if that is what your mission is, besides managing an alternative news outlet to spread the word on the evils of the Elite’s idea of a NWO.

My first question is, how many of the five million people are actually agents of, or works for, governmental agencies, like the FBI, CIA, NSA, the Mossad, MI6, or other governmental intelligence agencies around the world, one, two, 300 people? Point is, you ARE probably being monitored, lucky you.

There are dozens and dozens, perhaps hundreds of Facecrap pages and groups, and who knows how many have a web presence as well, that share the same opinions as you folk, and your followers. I call it being “Like-Minded”.

Having said that, I’m confident that there are tens of millions of our species throughout the world that are “Like-Minded” when it pertains to the Elite’s version of their NOW. If you were to try to gather all the brothers and sisters that agree with OUR shared thoughts, there is no physical place to hold a meeting. The only method of mass sharing of information would have to be via television, and radio.

Having said that, our humble little group of people envision a ways and means of CONSOLIDATING all of our independent efforts. Not to sell “Speaking Engagements”, T-Shirts and Coffee Mugs, but to truly organize, and plan, and execute a plan, to prevent the NWO as the Elite would see it.

Having said that, all of us, you, and I, and the majority of the people, CAN do something only if we are organized. When organized, we will be larger than any political or otherwise, organized group/party of people.

We believe that the entity that can organize us all by it’s very nature, will have to be camouflaged as something else. Therefore, we have created an illusion of religiosity we call the “International Tabernacle of Abiding Dudeism”.

Only a few weeks old, we already have a website domain, We are aware that it is a brutally simple site in it’s infancy. Although we are interviewing people to be our Web builder and Guru, we are still advertising the opportunity on Facecrap and elsewhere. Eventually, membership in ITAD-NAO will be vetted to weed out the undesirables. To get a quick idea of our inspiration, please go to

Finally, the primary goal first and foremost is to give everyone an alternative to Facecrap. We are ready to speak with you by telephone or Skype to answer any questions you may have.

Going out on a limb here, our guess is that you will not allow this open letter to be published on you Facecrap pages or your website. If by some good Karma reason, you all agree to let us take on the role of being THE organizer for all our like-minded folks, then publish this, share it, like it whatever.


Peace and abide,

Dr. T. C. “Tom” Saxe, DD



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  1. Hi Tom,

    Not a bad effort. Well done.

    CE may already have reached a point whereby they consider that they are succesful enough not to partner or collaborate with other grassroots social ethical movements. Time will tell and good luck.

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