To date, the most important 9-11 video you will see

It’s as if we ALL are laying in our own separate beds, awake, and there is this one really pesky fly buzzing around our bed. It dive-bombs at our head and we take a swing at it trying to slap it down, without success. Then, this annoying little fly hovers a foot in front of your face and you take another swing at it, and it lands on the blanket near your crotch. You take another slap at it, miss, and you’ve accidentally hit yourself in the balls which pisses you off even further.

This is frustrating it is when over the years, we see millions of “9-11” FB posts/comments/discussions, on social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, etcetera.  Videos, books, the social media as I have mentioned, ALL have a common truth that we now know, that 9-11 first of all, was a “False-Flag” operation and that the buildings were brought down with controlled demolitions. That the perps were NOT a handful of Saudi dudes committing an act of terrorism on behalf of Osama Bin Laden, but in fact were the “Intelligence” agencies of the Zionist Outlaw regime from the so-called “State of Israel”, along with the United States CIA and other unnamed enablers.  With ALL of this knowledge and the massive sharing of this truth, we are still so much as that single fly, which by the way, when it landed on your blanket near your crotch, it farted, but you could not hear it. This is why I have been saying for a few years now, “We are all like a single fly, farting in the wind. No one hears it”.

Watch this video as this IS the best concise summation. 34 minutes and 44 seconds short, based on years of research that you need to see. Even MY posts of THIS on my own websites and on Facebook will STILL BE, like a single fly, farting in the wind. It is time to gather all like-minded folks (fly farts) together and come up with a plan to actually do something with our knowledge. In order to do something, we MUST first organize, i.e., gather all of our individual “Fly Farts” into one large fart, so to speak. By organizing, I don’t mean having demonstrations, marches and rallies, those are merely individual fly farts as well.

Many of you are already members of, which I established a few years ago. It is, and will become, first an internet gathering of voices, and then eventually “Brick & Mortar” locations throughout the world, where we can meet in mass, in our “Tabernacles”, communicate, form leadership roles/functions, and begin to truly devise a plan to first bring the 9-11 criminals to justice, eliminate the ties with the Zionist so-called State of Israel, rid ourselves of the Zionist supporters in our U. S. government, and defeat this horrid aspect and influence on our lives that started a long, long time ago.

We are looking forward to the first billionaire that truly has seen and knows the truth, and that at least as an act of his/her conscience, signs up and helps fund this “Gathering together” of ALL the like-minded folks that believe, and desire action.

It’s not too late to “Congregate”.

Here’s the link I mentioned. It’s an interview of Christopher Bollyn by Sean Stone (son of Oliver Stone, the film maker). This interview took place on March 10th, 2015.


Here’s a link to The International Tabernacle of Abiding Dudeism


Peace & Abide,

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